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Tips for Choosing a Security Screen Door

Tips for Choosing a Security Screen Door

The basic and obvious function of a security screen door is to keep intruders out. At the same time, Security Screen Doors have a mesh screen that allows sunlight and fresh air to enter your home. So a good quality security screen door will not just provide against intruders, but it will also allow sunlight and freshness to enter your home.

Effectiveness of Security Screen Doors

You must be wondering if a security screen door made using mesh screen will actually be effective or not in keeping intruders out? Well, the straightforward answer is Yes! Security screen doors can really help prevent a break-in. However, the thing to remember is to install a security screen that is less vulnerable to break-ins. Strongly built security screen doors will be less likely to break-ins or forced entry.


Benefits of Security Screen Doors

Who doesn’t want a safer home? The innovative security screen doors are the perfect fit when it comes to enhancing the safety of your home. A secure door is the first deterrent when it comes to home security. When installed at the main door, which is the main point of entry to your home, you can ensure the security of your property.

The best thing about security screen doors is that any attempt made to damage the screen by an intruder will be absorbed by the screen and it sill stay secure in its place. This will help ensure break-ins. Moreover, it will also help keep your house safe in harsh weather conditions such as a windstorm or hurricane.

What are Security Screen Doors made of?

Since the major function of a security screen door is to keep intruders out, the screen doors are made from high grade and durable material. The mesh used for the screens of these doors is made using structural alloy or marine-grade stainless steel. Both these materials are stronger than aluminum.

The security screen doors use the traditional mechanical fixings such as screws, hinges, rivets, and locking systems as used in typical doors. Moreover, there is no contact between the mesh and aluminum frame so corrosion is reduced to a minimum.

Not only are security screen doors super strong, they are also held in place by tough tamper-resistant screws. These screens are concealed for safety purposes and so they do not cause a distraction. The stainless-steel mesh screen used in the security screen doors is also incredibly durable.

Other Benefits offered by Security Screen Doors

Apart from increased safety, security screen doors also offer a number of other benefits. They not only enhance the overall appearance of your home, but they can also help you save energy during the hot summer months.

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