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Bi-fold Door Retractable Screen Reviews

Bi-fold Door Retractable Screen Reviews

Using our retractable fly screens, you won’t have to worry about your bifold screen doors malfunctioning. As a result of its cunning and discreet design,

Why are our screens so perfect for bifold doors?

Views that are clear and unobstructed

What good are bifold doors with a fantastic view of the outside of your fly screen blocking it? Unlike traditional screens, which have bulky frames that block your view, our screens have a streamlined design and unique materials that ensure you have a complete view of the outside. Our Infinity Zipline is available in three fiberglass mesh materials that allow you to look beyond the screen and admire the scenery outside. At the same time, our ZL2 Integration System has a frame incorporated into your wall cavity for an unrivaled outdoor viewing experience.

Screens that are both modern and functional

When not in use, our retractable screens elegantly roll back into their hidden cartridge, allowing you to appreciate the natural beauty of the outdoors without any screen components impeding your view. When the insects are out, especially during the summer, just draw the screen to the proper position to keep these undesirable visitors out of your home while allowing natural ventilation to your interior living areas.

To add elegance and style to your bifold doors

Bifold doors quickly improve the look of your house, but the unsuitable fly screen might negate this advantage. As a result, selecting modern and attractive fly screens that suit the polished aesthetic of your bifold doors is crucial.

For our ZL2 Integration and ZL2 Retractable Systems, all of the screens have concealed fixings and flushing handles, allowing them to complement rather than detract from the complexity of bifold doors.

Smooth operation and seamless integration

Many people believe that bifold doors are difficult to screen, but our screens have proven them incorrect repeatedly. Our screens operate wonderfully with this door style, whether single or double, thanks to their streamlined design and unique technology.

Sizes and colors customized

We customize our screens to meet your exact specifications, from size to finish, so they can seamlessly integrate with your bifold doors and seamlessly blend your outdoor and interior living areas. You can count on us to screen your door, even if it extends up to 13 meters since we create the biggest retractable fly screen on the market!

Safe for everyone and easy to use

Because bifold doors are frequently used to connect high-traffic interior and outdoor spaces in a home, selecting user-friendly and safe screens is critical. Our displays are easy enough to use that even your youngest and oldest family members can do it independently.

They have our revolutionary brake mechanism to keep the screen from moving on its own, as well as low-profile bottom tracks to limit the chance of tripping. For further safety and accessibility for wheelchair users, our Infinity Zipline and ZL2 Integration System allow you to have the bottom track sunken into your floor.

The following are some of the benefits of bifold doors:

  • Living rooms are adaptable to the seasons and have plenty of natural light.
  • Many bi-fold doors may generate more space and have attractive designs, which increases the value of a home.
  • Despite a large amount of glass, there are high security and privacy possibilities.
  • Installation is simple, and many doors may be used in tight places.
  • Access to the entire frame and glass inside and outside the structure allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • When in use, the door is light and easy to move.
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