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How To Choose A French Door Fly Screen?

How To Choose A French Door Fly Screen?

Door security is one of the most important things to everyone’s house. A secured door doesn’t only have a high technical security lock that prevents thieves, but also has a French door fly screen that blocks insects and dust from inside. A great French door fly screen can function as a protection layer of the door when it reduces the possibility of thieves breaking in. A great French door fly screen also functions as an indirect health guardian to the family – preventing insects such as mosquitoes and flies that bring painful bites to people. There are four types of French door fly screens and Reliable Screen Supply NZ is the company that helps you to choose the correct fly screen for your house. 

Security Door Fly Screen 

The front door is the entrance to your family even unwelcome guests such as thieves and insects. To prevent these unfriendly guests, you need to install a security door fly screen on the front door. A stainless steel mesh fly screen with a lock for anti-theft and anti-mosquito purposes will be perfect. With triple locks and high-spec stranded fixed borders, you don’t need to worry about thieves breaking the fly screen, because it is difficult to destroy. This type of French door fly screen has customized colours, smart lock options and New Zealand featured art patterns.  

Detachable Pleated Fly Screen 

Detachable pleated fly screen is the French door fly screen that is perfect for deck and indoor areas, such as livingroom and bedroom. This fly screen is anti-flies, midge proof, ventilated, and made from polypropylene which blocks UV light up to 50+. This French door fly screen with an easy access design is easy to clean and re-mesh. It has a retractable system that gives you an unblocking view of the outside landscape. Detachable pleated door fly screen also has customized colour and size for windows and doors to all indoor rooms. This fly screen usually install in glass doors toward deck.   

Barrier-Free Screen 

This French door fly screen is a security guard in indoor areas between rooms. It is easy to assemble, and clean and allows smooth access for wheelchairs and bicycles. The barrier-free screen has a magnetic click as a security lock between each room. The barries-Free screen is the best choice if you want to save space between rooms at home with secured doors. 

Window Shade and Pleated Screen 

This French door fly screen blocks 75% sunshade UV and privacy. It can be put in any rooms: windows of the sunroom, laundry rooms and garages. Window shade and pleated screen made of polyester that air cannot come through. It can be hidden and easy to clean. Moreover, this French door fly screen has an advantageous price that is affordable to most people. 


Reliable Screen Supply provides four types of French door fly screens with various functions. With this guidance, you can find the French door fly screen you want. 

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