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Reasons to Install a Retractable Fly Screen With Your Bi-fold Doors

Reasons to Install a Retractable Fly Screen With Your Bi-fold Doors

A bi-fold door is a modern, technologically advanced glass door that can be installed anywhere in your home, usually on the balcony or the garden. This fantastic bi-fold door provides you and your family or friends with a wonderful place to live. You may add a retractable screen to the bi-fold door to make lives easier. Why should you install a bi-fold door retractable screen in your home to improve your life? Reliable Screen Supply NZ explains.

bi-fold door retractable screen

Enjoyment Without Pests

Pests are by far the most vexing guests to your home. When you open your bi-fold door without a retractable screen, bugs enter your home without your consent and contaminate your food in the kitchen and dining area. The flies constantly interrupt your meal at the most inopportune time, especially in the spring and summer. Mosquitoes are the worst; they bite you and your family and leave horrible bites, therefore everyone dislikes them. Because you must open the bi-fold door at times, it cannot always keep these pests outside.

The bi-fold door retractable screen is now your finest weapon for keeping pests out of your home. Your family and the pests are forever separated by a single slide of bi-fold door retractable screen. Reliable Screen Supply NZ’s excellent retractable bi-fold door has a sturdy and protective mesh that keeps all pests and filth out of your home. You can open the bi-fold door but close the retractable screen before enjoying your meal or gaming with others with this armour. Your life will be a lot easier without the hassle of pests and flowing filth. 

An Ideal Environment for Relaxation

The  bi-fold door retractable screen provides a relaxing environment free of UV rays. UV ray resistance is a feature of many retractable screens, and Reliable Screen Supply NZ manufactures the best UV resistance bi-fold door retractable screen for every client. This bi-fold door retractable screen allows you to enjoy the sunshine and nice wind without being exposed to harmful UV rays that causes skin diseases. Furthermore, the bi-fold door retractable screen allow fresh air to flow through your home. When you’re having fun with your family and friends, a closed retractable screen and opened bi-fold door provide a beautiful setting with relaxing breeze and sunlight.

Sense of Privacy

Another reason to install a retractable screen on a bi-fold door is to maintain a sense of privacy. There is a sense of getting closer to nature and your neighbours when you open the bi-fold door without a retractable screen. Because you are open to others, you also lose your feeling of privacy. The retractable screen on the bi-fold door can filter out some outside noise, but people can’t see through the inside properly because the retractable screen is blocking their view. As the bi-fold door retractable screen already filtered out noises for you, you can do whatever you like.

Bi-fold door retractable screen filters pests, dirt and cut UV rays to make your life better, get it now at Reliable Screen Supply NZ! 

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