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The Benefits of Retractable Screen

The Benefits of Retractable Screen

Believe it or not, the retractable screen is one of the most secure, durable screen doors that filters all the outside dust for your lovely house. Before you decide on purchasing retractable screens, you must understand the countless benefits of the retractable screen. Reliable Screen Supply NZ explains all the benefits of the retractable screen from multi-functions to potential health issues and secured screen mesh.

Convenient Slide Door

The retractable screen is more convenient than other types of doors when using. It can be used or hidden in the corner when you don’t use it. Retractable screens are easy sliding doors that can be installed in houses such as the apartment or mansion. You can have a manual closing retractable screen or a screen that work under buttons. Retractable screen never makes your door look heavy or cumbersome to open, rather, it always make your life easy.

Pest Filter and Air Conditioner

No one likes a house fill with pests and unfresh air. However, people need to open the door or the windows to get fresh air, and it’s unstoppable to let unwelcomed pests to get inside the house. So, here comes retractable screen. It always prevent you and your family from the attacks of awful pests while letting fresh air flow into the house. It would be awesome to install retractable screens in the important entrances of your house: front door, door to backyard, door to garden, door to balcony, door of laundry room to outside, etc. The front door and door towards garden are important because that are where most pests and dust are from. With the retractable screen installed, you can enjoy fresh air all the year without bother of pests, and your doorside could be cleaner.

Cutter of Harmful UV Ray

It’s clear that UV ray is a harmful enemy to our health, especially during summer. UV ray can cause diseases such as leathery skin, wrinkles and liver spots. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry about UV ray at home if you are getting retractable screen, because it functions as UV ray blocker to your house. Open the door and close the retractable screen, and then you can enjoy the sunlight and fresh air without attack by UV ray.

Manager of Security

As a durable screen door made from sturdy metal, retractable screen contains trustful security function that makes your house become the safest place to live. Retractable screen has a magnetic locking system that prevent burglars from getting into your house. Plus, the screen mesh it’s easy to take down and clean. If you accidentally damaged the screen, the Reliabel Screen Supply NZ has one year warranty to repair it for you.


Retractable screen benefits your house by filtering pests, dusts, blocking UV rays and letting fresh air flow into your house. There’s also no worries about burglars because retractable screen is the most secured screen door. Call Reliable Screen Supply NZ now to get this screen door with one warranty!  

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