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How to combine awning windows and fly screens

How to combine awning windows and fly screens

Awning window styles are especially convenient in wet rooms and hard-to-reach areas higher up on the walls or in limited, confined spaces. Hinged at the top, they feature a crank or push-out operation mode and require some opening space on the outside only. In addition to the functional purpose, an awning window style has an aesthetic appeal: it consists of a single panel with no dividers, making the views look perfect.

When unlocked, the awning-like structure slanted outwards prevents rain from getting into your house and drains it off, allowing for ventilation in any weather. But, though it is considered harder to break into than other types of windows, smaller creatures and insects can easily find their way through the opening. So, this is a common question: can awning windows and fly screens mix well?

You bet.

Choosing a screen that works and looks great

Screening this type of window to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the season can seem daunting. Traditionally, you would think outside of the frame, but with awning windows, fly screens have to be placed on the inside due to the window panel opening outwards.

Now, only the operation mode has to be considered: if it is opened via a crank, you can easily install a standard screen on the inside. But if you have a push-out awning window, a fly screen will get in the way of opening it.

The perfect solution – Retractable screens

Retractable screens keep out all the creepy crawlers and flying insects without making opening and closing windows trickier. The mesh can be rolled out – or away when not in use – just like a roller blind. In addition to protecting your home from bugs, it can block UV rays to maximise your enjoyment of sunny days.

Though there’s more to whether awning windows and fly screens can be mixed than just aesthetics, many homeowners are concerned about the resulting look. Since roller screens are available in a range of materials, sizes and finishes, they can provide that lighter-than-air feel. Installing them doesn’t take away from the view, whether you need to insect-proof a patio door or an awning window, and fly screens with a retractable operation mode blend seamlessly into the frame.

The elegant discretion and roll-away convenience

With traditional screens, you may have restricted visibility. Besides disrupting your views, the visual weight of a fixed fly screen may overload your space. But pairing your awning windows with fly screens with seamless extension and retraction provides ultimate visual and functional flexibility.

The mesh cassette can be fitted horizontally or vertically, so you can access the window and pull down or roll across the fly screen whenever you wish. What’s more, retractable fly screens for awning windows can be made for custom configurations to blend harmoniously into the surrounding colour scheme, so you won’t even notice they’re there.

The sleek solution that can be instantly rolled out of sight gives you the best of all worlds: soothing sounds of nature, cooling breezes, unobstructed views and peace of mind.

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