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Guide to choosing a decorative screen door for your home

Guide to choosing a decorative screen door for your home

In the days before retractable screens, many homes had decorative exterior doors with glass inserts for added security and weatherproofing. These storm doors were commonly made with metal grating, wrought iron, wood, or PVC to shield the entryway from wind, rain, and intruders. They could feature standard or elaborate designs comparable to today’s decorative screen doors.

However, come summer, glass storm doors could intensify sunlight and cause heat buildup, compromising their main function of increasing entryway lifespans. Traditional screen doors had a range of shortcomings but were commonplace to keep insects or airborne debris from getting inside. Though looking anything but stylish and decorative, they offered ample visibility, ventilation, and conversation opportunities between indoors and outside.

Today, ‘storm door’ and ‘screen door’ are often used interchangeably because we’ve come to the perfect solution: any decorative exterior door design can be fitted with a screen instead of glass inserts.

Decorative screen doors bring you the best of both worlds

The best screens are made of durable, weather-resistant materials, including steel and anti-corrosion coatings. So, you can have any protection level of a traditional storm door with modern decorative screen doors – plus visual appeal, ventilation, and UV-filtering options.

If you were to choose a single decorative element for an easy summer home improvement, make it a screen door to add a pop of color and lots of personality to your entryway. Besides dressing up your porch and boosting the curb appeal, a decorative screen door will maximize light and airflow inside without you having to install more windows.

By choosing from different designs, materials, and finishes, you can match the artistic complexity and color of your screen door to your home’s exterior and architectural style. Or, opt for decorative grid profiles and laser-cut screens to combine the benefits of a security door, extra ventilation point, and design statement.

A decorative screen door is a simple home improvement idea to transform your house’s curb appeal

Decorative screen door materials and benefits

As a beautiful feature adding character to your home or otherwise plain entryway, your screen door is an extra layer of elegance and functionality. But its durability and visual appeal depend on the material you choose. Decorative screen doors can be made of:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Vinyl
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood

For long-lasting performance and higher security, aluminum or protective-coated steel is the best.

Vinyl is prone to weather damage. It’s the most affordable option, but its visual appeal wanes away quickly, so vinyl is unlikely to make your home look more upscale.

Wood has a classic charm that requires extensive treatment for weather resistance. It’s a statement-making, expensive-looking option – but quite an investment.

Woodgrain fiberglass doors can be a neat, low-maintenance alternative. They mimic wood grain accents and textures without the price tag and upkeep of wood.

RELIABLE custom decorative screen doors

Looking for inspiration and ideas for your door to stand out and stand up to the elements? We know our way around the flexibility and individuality of decorative designs to convert your exterior door into a work of art. Get started with RELIABLE to make your entryway magnificent!

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