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Benefits of installing a screen door: Ventilation, security, and more

Benefits of installing a screen door: Ventilation, security, and more

The days when screens were an unsightly choice with an unattractive name are long gone. Once offering limited practical benefits and no aesthetic appeal or versatility whatsoever, the screen door of today fits the bill when it comes to looks and performance.

Modern hinged coverings can combine security, ventilation, and elegant design benefits in a single product so that you don’t have to compromise one for the other. A winning combo of functionality and aesthetics, screen doors can be used for entryways and more extensive areas such as decks, terraces, and patios. And their benefits are hard to limit to two or three only.

Solar control

While allowing natural light in, some screen doors are fortified with a protective coating to block UV rays. Besides making the entire covering durable and fade-resistant, it shields your interiors from heat and UV damage. So, opening a large area for prolonged ventilation won’t compromise the beauty of your floors, carpets, or furniture.

Insect-proof security

Moths, mosquitoes, and other pests that are so attracted to the light and comfort of your home don’t get a chance of sneaking in. This may be the primary reason for screening your doors or outside lounging areas, but you can also choose next-level coverings for added security. These are reinforced and designed to thwart intruders.

Screen doors work in any climate or weather

Enjoying fresh air throughout the day and year-round is easy with premium-quality retractable or roller screens. They slide away for an unobstructed view, entry, and exit when that’s a priority and offer an extra ventilation option in inclement weather conditions. By shielding your space from gusts of wind and dust, screen doors add a welcome layer of comfort regardless of the season.

Reduced visibility from the outside

With screen doors, only you get to decide what you share with your neighbors. Your extended outdoor living space can remain in the same privacy and comfort category as your house when you know it is safe from prying eyes. Besides, these coverings can work in tandem with backyard screens.

Eye-pleasing decorative element

A product for filtering, concealing, and protection is typically associated with an unpretentious design. But the decorative enticement of screen doors can make these a focal feature in your home’s exterior and a perfect fit for your color scheme or specific architectural style. Your door can be turned into a design statement or a work of art with decorative grids, color accents, laser-cut designs, and elaborate patterns.

They suit your preferences at any given moment

Retractable and roller screens that blend in with any interior or door style have a name: RELIABLE. Made to custom sizes and configurations, our coverings are synonymous with maximum flexibility and can stay in the position you choose for partial or full coverage. This makes our screen doors the most versatile choice for security, fresh air, and visual interest.

We have a free measuring service here. Schedule it for your NZ home if you want these screening benefits to be all yours.

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