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Benefits of Using Privacy Screens in Modern Home Design

Benefits of Using Privacy Screens in Modern Home Design

Privacy screens for outdoor spaces and windows weren’t invented overnight. They have an impressive history and can be traced back to ancient China, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Back then, the designs ranged from animal skins and reed mats to more elegant indoor and outdoor draperies made of fabric to veil windows or pergolas.

Since then, various solutions for privacy screening have included plant walls, trellises, shutters, paper roller shades, and aluminum blinds. Finally, jalousie windows, mesh screens, and tinted film for glass panes were the privacy-boosting options that remained steady favorites for years. But these were either too flimsy or too view-obstructive – and always a hassle to install or clean.

Privacy screens are popular backyard add-ons to define boundaries and protect family pastimes from insects and prying eyes

The modern alternative: Retractable privacy screens

Today’s tech advancement to shelter your home from onlookers is a product you’ll hardly find any fault with. Its main function boils down to protecting you from privacy invaders, such as:

● Bugs

● Critters

● Nosy neighbors

● Anyone who could potentially see into your indoor or outdoor living space

Aside from that, modern privacy screens can act as security barriers or doors. They are not full-blown barriers you would want to put in to deter intruders, but they are pretty good at stopping small animals and birds.

With their remarkable functional flexibility, you can opt for decorative or multi-purpose options to create the desired level of privacy between your home and the street. Retractable privacy screens let you vary and regulate that level to your preferences – with only a push of the button if you choose motorized ones. This can help you keep anything and anyone out of your personal space whenever you wish.

Stretching the outdoor beauty

If you want to bring nature closer – but not as close as to cause you any discomfort – screening out less-than-enjoyable factors can work. The added barrier of a privacy screen shields your home or outdoor space from dust, sunlight, wind, rain, and insects. While offering protection from those – and prying eyes – it doesn’t block the view from your indoor dining table.

Privacy screens come with a multitude of features and customization options to fit any size opening or enclose any zone that feels exposed, such as your patio or pool area. Thus, you can create a comfortable or intimate environment for:

● Untroubled outdoor dining

● Guest entertainment

● Daily relaxation and sipping drinks outside

● Swimming or working out

They can also be used for other activities and purposes without concerns about the area being visible to the passers-by or neighbors. The final installation point will depend on what your house looks like.

Switch to RELIABLE privacy screens

Leading in comfort protection technology and innovation, RELIABLE offers a wide range of privacy screens and installation services to enhance your home design and outdoor experiences. With us, you can choose from different materials, color options, UV-shielding, and extra security features. The convenience of our retractable styles and motorized functions makes regulating your added privacy layer literally effortless.

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