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Aluminum fly screen doors vs. Traditional doors

Aluminum fly screen doors vs. Traditional doors

Does the thought of a creaky and wobbly screen frame make you cringe? 

Or your topmost concern is that thing coming off the hinge?

Worry not. Today’s aluminum fly screen doors are nothing like the awkward and shoddy constructions of yesteryear that would get slammed and stuck repeatedly. The cumbersome product is only a memory now – and probably not a pleasant one. You’ll appreciate the differences and modern enhancements of well-thought-out screens to bug-proof your summers.

Aluminum fly screen doors: Easy access and a small footprint

The top-performing alternatives to traditional insect screens feature convenient retractable switching between closed and open positions for smooth and quiet operation. They are customisable when it comes to colour, size, finish, mesh type and decorative or security features. That’s enough to fit any openings, design preferences, individual needs and colour schemes. 

Because they are visually appealing and easy to access, aluminum fly screen doors make enjoying the outdoors a no-hassle daily experience. Unlike traditional doors and screens that swing outward, retractable designs won’t infringe on space, get in the way when you walk back and forth or carry things between the inside and outside. Compared to this effortless convenience, having to prop open a door for a waft of fresh air is just asking for trouble in a busy summer bug scene.

Adding an aluminum fly screen door is the simplest way to enhance air and natural light flow – and a cheap DIY alternative to complex home improvements such as new windows or outdoor enclosures. It can be used in single-door setups when you do not have the space or the budget to incorporate larger features like patio doors or picture windows. 

Aluminum fly screen doors are a nature-friendlier alternative to solid doors when it comes to having a great backyard time

Can you enhance your lifestyle with aluminum fly screen doors?

Retractable designs work like a charm for homeowners with kids and pets or anyone who loves to do some work or entertain outdoors. They make it easy to:

    • Spend more family time outside

    • Let your pets in and out

    • Bring your tasks, meals or drinks out more often

    • Maximise daylight and wellness benefits of fresh air

    • Increase the visibility of your backyard or property

    • Create improved and convenient outdoor routines

In addition to that, aluminum fly screen doors protect you from rodents, crawlers, bugs, debris and other unwanted surprises that may compromise your comfort when you leave your door wide open. 

Can you install a fly screen instead of a traditional door in summer?

With the increasing popularity and durability of screens, it is not uncommon for some enthusiasts to install solely these as porch enclosures and outdoor extensions. This can be an option in locations with steady weather patterns.

However, there are additional concerns about using aluminum fly screen doors instead of traditional doors. While you can certainly improve indoor air quality by letting summer breezes take over, outdoor air quality is beyond your control. So, if it is compromised by fire or other issues, it is more reasonable to install a glass door instead of a traditional door and fit it with an aluminum screen. 

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