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The screen for ranch sliders you didn’t know you needed

The screen for ranch sliders you didn’t know you needed

At some point, you might have thought you had it all figured out when your ranch slider was ready to make its debut – until that first fly landed on the bun. Pretty soon, it was an all-out insect invasion, and your sliders had become a buzzing buffet. If only there were a way to keep bugs out while letting the flavour in.
There is, and it’s called a screen for ranch sliders. This add-on lets the aroma of your cooking masterpieces waft through while creating an impenetrable barrier against flies and anything of that ilk.
This screen is what you install to stop waving your hands around to shoo away pests. Discover how it can take NZ’s favourite sliders from good to great.

Privacy comes first with a screen for ranch sliders

It’s all fine when you have a giant window wall that provides an abundance of natural light and flawless indoor-outdoor flow. But without proper screening, you’ve also got a free pass for creepy crawlies to join you for dinner. That’s not to mention your family is now under constant surveillance since ranch sliders rarely have other-than-transparent elements.
A screen for ranch sliders is a retractable ‘mesh curtain’ attached to your slider frame, allowing you to partition off flies and prying eyes from your in-house affairs. Unlike fixed pieces requiring constant removal and reinstallation, a retractable one merely glides out of sight if you want to keep it away. Yes, you can still maintain that transparency when needed.
Such a mesh shield also helps with temperature regulation and airflow. It lets cooling breezes in while keeping the hot sun out, which may be a tall order with traditional ranch sliders.

What to look for in a screen for a ranch slider

A decent screen is a small investment that can amplify your love for sliding doors. For it to have this power, you will want to choose it by:

  • Mesh type. It pays to get a screen for ranch sliders made of sturdy, tightly woven mesh fragments that keep the smallest pests out. Avoid options that can’t withstand high winds or hard-to-notice insects. Getting loads of dust and bugs in your meals isn’t fun.
  • Frame material. Aluminium frames have proven their worth when paired with ranch sliders. They are durable, weather-resistant and won’t warp, crack or rot. This is almost impossible to achieve with wood and other materials.
  • Size. An ill-fitting screen for ranch sliders won’t adequately protect your home from insects and may look sloppy. Order one that overlaps your slider by at least one cm on all sides for the best performance

Installing a screen isn’t really troublesome. But calling a professional company like RELIABLE is worth it for a secure fit and to avoid frustration. Our specialists will take measurements of your ranch slider, and we will promptly manufacture and install the screen with a guarantee of at least 3 years of active use.

With a custom screen for ranch sliders, nobody can spoil your get-together or privacy. The only buzz you’ll hear will come from excited eaters, not uninvited guests crashing the party.

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