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Safety, style and summer breezes: a guide to flyscreen innovations

Safety, style and summer breezes: a guide to flyscreen innovations

Flyscreens, known for their ease of use and efficiency, provide the ideal solution to hot and humid evenings, yet the challenge lies in making the right screen decision for your needs and aesthetics. ArchiPro explores the latest innovations protecting our homes from unwanted guests.

ArchiPro chats with screen specialist Catherine Chen from Reliable Screen Supply on the benefits of retractable, decorative, security, shade and even garage door screens. 

In a recent interview with Catherine Chen from Reliable Screen Supply, ArchiPro gained insights into the company’s commitment to continuous improvement through research and development. Reliable Screen Supply, a family-operated business with over 13 years of experience in New Zealand and nearly a decade in Australia, is a pioneer in introducing innovative screen solutions to the market.

Whether you’re looking for something stylish or shady, there’s a range of screens to suit different houses and lifestyles; here is a snapshot of what to look for.

“The main benefit of retractable screens is the unobstructed view to a desirable outlook such as lush acreage or a pool area.”

Detachable Pleated Screen

1.     UV-proof flyscreens

Reliable Screen Supply’s journey began with using fibreglass mesh for its flyscreen material, but the challenging environmental conditions prompted a shift to a more robust solution. Through research and testing, the company developed a unique UV-proof mesh that can withstand harsh weather conditions. 

“This innovation has significantly extended the lifespan of the screens, with a standard warranty of five years, often exceeding a decade with proper use,” says Chen.

Reliable Screen Supply recently launched its Simplicity range in response to the window configurations standard in Australian and New Zealand homes.

“This product line addresses the challenge of windows with bottom handles, providing a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution,” says Chen.

2.     Retractable screens

Chen sheds light on the advantages of the ever-practicable and desirable retractable screens, emphasising their ability to fold away for an unobstructed view while minimising the accumulation of dust and dirt.

“The main benefit of retractable screens is the unobstructed view to a desirable outlook such as lush acreage or a pool area,” says Chen. 

“Another benefit of the retractable design is it enhances the longevity of the screen and also simplifies maintenance, reducing the frequency of cleaning, especially in regions prone to sandstorms.”

3.     Decorative screen doors

The different designs, materials, and finishes of decorative screen doors mean you can match the style and colour of the screen door to the home’s façade and architectural style.

“Aside from boosting the curb appeal, a decorative screen door will maximise light and airflow inside the home without having to install more windows,” says Chen.

“Opt for decorative grid profiles and laser-cut screens to combine the benefits of a security door and extra ventilation with the design statement,” Chen adds.

Barrier-Free Screen
No more trips with your living space or garage door fly screens

4.     Security screens

Stainless steel mesh is renowned for its impressive strength and durability. The basic properties of stainless steel, primarily its alloy composition, provide a resilience unmatched in security screen material.

Stainless steel mesh is not just resistant to rust and corrosion; its tough structure also provides an exceptional defence against wear and tear. This resilience ensures the mesh remains intact and functional, even under adverse environmental conditions or attempted breaches.

“The mesh has a tightly woven structure that acts as a robust barrier, effectively deterring potential intruders and withstanding forced entry attempts,” says Chen.

The integration of stainless-steel mesh into sliding doors is carried out without compromising the doors’ operational smoothness or aesthetic appeal. Its sleek design and discrete nature enhance the door’s functionality while maintaining the property’s visual appeal.

“Reliable Screen Supply’s stainless steel mesh screens offer modern security screen doors with enhanced style – avoiding the unsightly grill appearance. The rust-proof feature provides a durable and reliable security solution for the home,” says Chen.

5.     Garage door screens

The Garage door screen, a genius concept sourced by Reliable Screen Supply, utilises a barrier-free design with a thin bottom track, facilitating smooth entry and exit of vehicles. It is ideal for the Do-It-Yourselfer who wants a private and fly-free environment to work while enjoying the added ventilation and breezes.

“This innovation extends beyond garage doors, finding applications in spaces with limited bottom clearance or requiring wheelchair access,” says Chen.

“Shade screens effectively block unwanted views and harsh sunlight while maintaining a sleek, modern look that complements any architectural style.”

6.     Shade screens

Shade screens are designed to offer the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality. 

“Our shade screens come with advanced block-out features essential for privacy and comfort,” says Chen.

“These screens effectively block unwanted views and harsh sunlight while maintaining a sleek, modern look that complements any architectural style.”

Reliable Screen Supply also offers versatile shade solutions that go beyond traditional applications. The original shade, with customisable fabric options, provides an alternative to blinds or curtains, offering privacy and aesthetic appeal. “Our Simplicity range introduces new versatility with track-mounted fabrics, providing a secure and stable alternative to swinging blinds,” says Chen.

New innovations have made the humble mesh screen come a long way, with different screen types now offering exciting new features. Reliable Screen Supply continues to push the boundaries with its commitment to research and development, positioning itself as a quality supplier of screen solutions and enhancing our homes’ comfort, security and aesthetics.

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