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Home Security Evolution: From Fly Screens to Advanced Doors

a modern home entryway featuring a stylish aluminum fly screen door. The scene is bright and welcoming, highlighting the door's sleek frame and enhanced security features while maintaining an open, airy feel with views of a lush garden outside. This image symbolizes a perfect balance between security and aesthetics.

Home Security Evolution: From Fly Screens to Advanced Doors

Early Security: Aluminum Fly Screens

At first, home security meant keeping bugs out while letting fresh air in with aluminum fly screen doors. These doors were light but strong enough to block pests and let air flow through. They were simple and effective for a long time. People liked them because they were affordable and easy to use. But as the world changed, so did our needs for security. People started to worry more about burglars than just bugs. This led to the need for stronger, more secure doors. Yet, these fly screens still play a vital role in many homes, especially in areas with lots of insects. They help keep the home comfortable and pest-free without blocking the breeze on a hot day. Learn more about our aluminum fly screen doors.

Better Doors: Sliding Security Doors

Then came sliding security doors. These doors are tougher and fit well with modern homes. They have strong frames and locks that make homes safer. A recent study in 2024 showed that houses with these doors had fewer break-ins. These doors slide smoothly and lock securely, making them hard for intruders to open. They are also made to look nice, fitting well with any home design. Many people choose these doors because they provide peace of mind. They know their home is safer with these doors installed. Families can relax more, knowing their home is protected from both thieves and harsh weather. These doors also last a long time, making them a good investment for homeowners.


Good Looks and Strong Security

Now, security doors not only make homes safe but also look good. They use materials like iron and steel that are strong and add to the house’s look. You can see these stylish doors at Reliable Screen. These materials are chosen not just for their strength but also for their ability to resist weather and wear. This means your doors look good for years, without rusting or weakening. Homeowners appreciate that these doors are both practical and beautiful. They don’t have to choose between security and style. Instead, they get both. This makes modern security doors popular among homeowners who want to upgrade their homes. Explore our stylish security options.

Smart Security

Home security now includes smart tech. This means you can check your doors with your phone, see who is at your door, and even lock or unlock it from anywhere. This makes home security better because you can watch over your home even when you are away. Smart security systems can connect to your Wi-Fi and send alerts to your phone if they detect something unusual. This could be an open door or window or movement where there shouldn’t be any. You can then check the cameras to see what’s happening, all from your phone. This technology has become a game-changer, making homes safer and giving people more control over their security. Check out our smart security systems.

Eco-Friendly and Secure

Today’s doors are also built to save energy. They keep heat in during winter and out during summer, which can help lower your power bills. Check out Reliable Screen’s energy-saving doors for options that keep your home secure and comfortable. These doors help reduce your carbon footprint by cutting down on energy use. This is good for the planet and your wallet. Energy-efficient doors often come with seals that keep drafts out. This means your heating and cooling systems don’t have to work as hard, saving energy. Many people are choosing these doors as they look to make their homes more environmentally friendly.


From simple screens to high-tech doors, home security has come a long way. These advances make our homes safer and more comfortable. If you’re thinking about better security, take a look at Reliable Screen’s options. We have modern doors that protect and add style to your home. Today, it’s easier than ever to find a door that fits your needs. Whether you want something simple and effective or high-tech and stylish, there is something for everyone. Visit us to find the perfect security solution for your home.


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    Great! Fly screen doors are very useful. Fitting your home with the right mesh screen will keep out the bad and let in the good.

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