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what happens if you purchased a rolex prior to july 1, 2015? can you still take advantage? rolex has always been proud of the durability and longevity of its timepieces. so here is some help with the most frequently replica rolex asked questions i've encountered. compared to these examples, rolex's move is far more significant. what most people perhaps don't know is that rolex also offers an extended two-year guarantee on watches where it has performed a complete and official service maintenance.
No, we offer FREE measure & quote. You don’t have to commit to anything until you are happy with us.

Yes, our mesh is finer mesh than the normal fly screen. It has 20 x 20 strands per inch.

Our mesh is made from Polyethylene + Polypropylene (PE+PP), which is as strong as plastic. It will not rust and offers UV protection.

Our product comes with 3 years warranty on the mesh, and 5 years warranty on the aluminium frame. For more details please refer to our  Warranty Terms & Conditions page.
Caring for our product is very easy. Simply vacuum clean the mesh with a furniture brush to remove dust and debris. Or if the product is installed in an outdoor area, the screen can be sprayed with water to clean. Please refer to our Product Care & Maintenance page.
Yes, our retractable insect screen system is very easy to assemble and install. It can be installed either face fit or fitting inside your architrave.  But please make sure when ordering, the size will be different depends on which way you wanted to fit it.
Pleated screen is see though, some of our photo in our Gallery will confirm that.
Pleated systems are more durable than retractable roller types because they have no spring system or break clips that are likely to break over time. The pleated mesh folds back within the track and stops at any position.

Our pleated retractable system only requires 32mm thickness of space to install, it can also be face fit onto the window/door architrave. Unlike the roller retractable, it does not require an extra box at the end for mesh to roll back. This means you can install our system in tight spaces, leaving it looks almost invisible after installation.

No, air will not flow through our shade. It is made of polyester and offers total block out protection.