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Fly Screen

Fly Screen


Bugs and debris won’t pass: Opt for a Reliable fly screen in NZ


May your evenings be just yours – without the high-pitched buzz of flies, mosquitoes, wasps and other intruders. Our fly screen can be the safeguard of your dwelling. Not only does it protect you from insects, but it also intercepts debris and allergy-causing particles. This makes our insect screen a must-have for those feeling zeroed out during allergy season in New Zealand.

Reliable screens are produced using different materials and come in two designs: roller and pleated. Both of them are transparent, ergonomic and easy to maintain.

Our warranty spans all protection types and varies by length and depth. If you get our insect screen in Auckland, you will receive a three-year warranty on movable components and a five-year warranty on everything that is installed and fixed.

Although this screen is safe, nice-looking and sturdy, we consider it our duty to inform you of the following:

  • The mesh doesn’t protect from animal pressure.
  • Your screen should be cleaned with water and a soft brush.
  • Retract a pleated screen when not needed.

May your house be saturated with love and laughter, not bugs and debris. See the protective capabilities of our insect screen in NZ with real-life installation project photos.

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The technician is very efficient. Good quality products.

– Alex

The Installation was a breeze and the screens fit perfectly in my windows, with no gaps or spaces for bugs to sneak through. I love the fact that they are also very discreet, blending in seamlessly with my home’s décor! 

– Erika

The team is very professional and leaves my house tidy and clean 

– Daniel

The quality of the product and the customer service provided were both top-notch, making for a truly outstanding experience. Highly recommended!

 – Wilson

Prompt response! Get the on-site quote done very fast! 

– Jeff

Good quality products! After installation, Kenny(the technician) was teaching us how to maintain and clean the screen patiently. We’re very satisfied with the screen, and will definitely install more screens from your company later. 

– Julie

I loved how the screen frame’s colour matches my window’s frame. It looks very elegant. 

– Vivian

I recently had the pleasure of purchasing fly screens from this company and I am thoroughly impressed with both the product and the service. The fly screens are of excellent quality and have proved to be very effective in keeping insects out while still allowing fresh air to circulate through my home.

– Mina