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Front Door

Security Screens for Front Door


Security front door screens – No intruders shall pass


Enjoy the inspiring and varying views of New Zealand, feel a warm breeze, and achieve the utmost serenity of knowing you’re safe. How could all this be possible? With Reliable Screen NZ, you can get even more.

Our front door screens are made of extra-durable stainless steel mesh that acts as an impenetrable shield. Burglars, insects, animals – you name it – are instantly deterred from entering your house. At the same time, refreshing breezes flow through your home to keep you comfortable.

Leave bulky bars to those who don’t care about their home’s appeal. The front door is the first thing that defines your abode. So, our sliding security front doors are designed to subtly blend in, with customizable options for colors and sizes.

For security-conscious homeowners, our front door screens come with triple locks enhanced by customizable smart lock options. Call us for a free measure service and take easy break-ins out of the equation!


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    The technician is very efficient. Good quality products.

    – Alex

    The Installation was a breeze and the screens fit perfectly in my windows, with no gaps or spaces for bugs to sneak through. I love the fact that they are also very discreet, blending in seamlessly with my home’s décor! 

    – Erika

    The team is very professional and leaves my house tidy and clean 

    – Daniel

    The quality of the product and the customer service provided were both top-notch, making for a truly outstanding experience. Highly recommended!

     – Wilson

    Prompt response! Get the on-site quote done very fast! 

    – Jeff

    Good quality products! After installation, Kenny(the technician) was teaching us how to maintain and clean the screen patiently. We’re very satisfied with the screen, and will definitely install more screens from your company later. 

    – Julie

    I loved how the screen frame’s colour matches my window’s frame. It looks very elegant. 

    – Vivian

    I recently had the pleasure of purchasing fly screens from this company and I am thoroughly impressed with both the product and the service. The fly screens are of excellent quality and have proved to be very effective in keeping insects out while still allowing fresh air to circulate through my home.

    – Mina

    I’d given them 6 stars out of five – great product and service. Highly recommend!

    – Ervina

    Awesome company to deal with. Fast, efficient, and great pricing too. Definitely recommend these guys!

    – TJ

    Thanks for the great services and hassle-free communications. Would like to recommend it to others.

    – Emily

    I highly recommend Reliable Screen to anyone in search of fly screen installation services. The entire process was exceptionally streamlined, with a prompt quote and efficient installation. Despite encountering a few issues post-installation, the after-sales team promptly rectified the situation to my satisfaction.

    – Venessa